Locus Magazine Reviews The Road To Woop Woop By Eugen Bacon

Ian Mond at Locus Magazine reviewed Eugen Bacon’s stunning new collection, The Road to Woop Woop & Other Stories in the November issue of the magazine. The review was in depth and insightful and the magazine is definitely worth checking out if you aren’t already subscribed.

Bacon’s passion for language and her willingness to play with the short-story form, to never settle on one type of narrative or genre, makes this an exciting collection that’s well worth picking up.

The Road to Woop Woop & Other Stories

The Road to Woop Woop & Other Stories

Eugen Bacon’s work is deemed cheeky with a fierce intelligence in text that’s resplendent, delicious, dark and evocative. NPR called her novel Claiming T-Mo ‘a confounding mysterious tour de force’. The Road to Woop Woop and Other Stories imbues the same lushness in a writerly language that is Bacon’s own. This peculiar hybrid of the untraditional, the extraordinary within, without and along the borders of normalcy will hypnotise and absorb the reader with tales that refuse to be labelled. The stories in this collection are dirges that cross genres in astounding ways. Over 20 provocative tales, with seven original to this collection, by an award-winning African Australian author.

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