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    Gabino Iglesias reviews Kathe Koja’s Dark Factory for Locus Magazine. Talking about Kathe Koja’s work is never easy, and that’s a good thing. Koja brings a constant explosion or language and ideas to the page, and Dark Factory, a novel that combines her skills as a writer with her experience as a performance artist, is no […] More

  • Aurealis Magazine Reviews Steve Simpson’s The Purpose of Reality: Solar & The Purpose of Reality: Lunar

    We were extremely pleased that one of our fav specfic publications, Aurealis Magazine, weighed in on Steve Simpson’s The Purpose of Reality: Solar (a collection of short fiction) & The Purpose of Reality: Lunar (a collection of poetry). A phantastic short story collection that’s as philosophical as it’s allegorical. Eugen Bacon, Aurealis Magazine Boldly layered […] More

  • Publishers Weekly Reviews Steve Simpson’s The Purpose of Reality: Solar

    Publishers Weekly had wonderful things to say about Steve Simpson’s debut story collection The Purpose of Reality: Solar! Simpson’s inventive debut collection (published simultaneously with companion poetry collection The Purpose of Reality: Lunar) incorporate elements of horror, sci-fi, and weird fiction to envision the lives of people enduring apocalypses both personal and global … Punctuated by […] More

  • Eugen Bacon’s Mage of Fools Soars says Locus Magazine

    Gabino Iglesias reviews Eugen Bacon’s MAGE OF FOOLS the June 2022 issue of Locus Magazine. This is an excerpt but we hope you’ll take the time to check out the full review at Locus. Standing on the shoulders of Bacon’s lyrical prose & it’s blend of high tech & folklore, this novel soars and helps […] More

  • Aurealis Magazine Says J.S. Breukelaar’s The Bridge Is Refreshingly Original

    Superb review of J.S. Breukelaar’s THE BRIDGE (an Aurealis Award finalist for best Horror Novel) in Aurealis Magazine! The Bridge is many things. It is dystopian, horror, mythos, cliched campus life, coming of age, witchcraft, poetry. It is the girl holding a bouquet of living snakes, biting their heads off. Chew, swallow, repeat. Despite taking […] More

  • The BFSA Review on Eugen Bacon’s Mage of Fools

    We were so excited to see this insightful review of Eugen’s MAGE OF FOOLS in the The BFSA Review, edition #17. This wonderful novel left me breathless at Eugen Bacon’s imagination and the strength of her craft. I devoured this book in a couple of sittngs; marvelling at the world building, the writng and the […] More

  • Andromeda Spaceways Magazine Reviews Eugen Bacon’s Mage of Fools

    We loved this insightful review of Eugen Bacon’s Afrofuturist dystopian novel, MAGE OF FOOLS by Justin Dickey in the latest Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. While most of Bacon’s prose is vivid, her willingness to paint the grotesque with a steady eye is sublime… -JUSTIN DICKEY, ANDROMEDA SPACEWAYS MAGAZINE More

  • Cory Doctorow on Dark Factory by Kathe Koja

    Koja’s Bohemia burns through an eternal now: no one acknowledges their elders, or talks wistfully of the scenes they were born too late to be a part of. There’s no throwback music or fashion, not even a sense of tomorrow. Just the obsession with constructing and maintaining a consensus hallucination in which our reality disappears into […] More

  • NB Magazine UK reviews Mage of Fools by Eugen Bacon

    We loved this insightful review of Eugen Bacon’s MAGE OF FOOLS at NB Magazine UK! Totally enthralling storytelling … dark and disturbingly brutal at times but it’s not without moments of humour, hope and a belief that a better future is possible. Linda Hepworth, NB MAGAZINE UK More

  • Aurealis Magazine Reviews Eugen Bacon’s Mage of Fools

    We were thrilled to see this wonderful review of MAGE OF FOOLS in Aurealis Magazine. Along with the African influence in the worldbuilding, the writing style also reflects this. Bacon’s phrases beg you to read them aloud, relishing in twists of the tongue and exciting the mind, cementing the theme of oral storytelling (as both […] More

  • Mage of Fools by Eugen Bacon on Tor’s Can’t Miss Indie SpecFic March/April List!

    Thrilling to see Eugen Bacon’s MAGE OF FOOLS on Tor’s Can’t Miss Indie Press Speculative Fiction for March and April 2022! Dystopian states can abound with magic just as easily as they can with science. In Eugen Bacon’s novel Mage of Fools, a dictator has made use of uncanny abilities to devastate the environment. The novel’s […] More

  • Publishers Weekly Calls Dark Factory an Immersive & Propulsive Cyberpunk Outing

    In breathless, careening prose, Koja captures minds that see a thousand worlds at once, lives lived at 150 beats per minute, and the complicated, messy reality that lies beneath the endless search for the perfect night out. This is sure to delight fans of Jeff Noon and mind-bending speculative fiction. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Publishers Weekly weighs […] More

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