Aurealis Magazine Says J.S. Breukelaar’s The Bridge Is Refreshingly Original

Superb review of J.S. Breukelaar’s THE BRIDGE (an Aurealis Award finalist for best Horror Novel) in Aurealis Magazine!

The Bridge is many things. It is dystopian, horror, mythos, cliched campus life, coming of age, witchcraft, poetry. It is the girl holding a bouquet of living snakes, biting their heads off. Chew, swallow, repeat. Despite taking lines from old stories, it’s refreshingly original. A story that weaves itself into your mind like Narn speaking in her incoherent tongue.

Chris Foster | Aurealis Magazine
The Bridge

The Bridge

Meera and her twin sister Kai are Mades—part human and part not—bred in the Blood Temple cult, which only the teenage Meera will survive. Racked with grief and guilt, she lives in hiding with her mysterious rescuer, Narn—part witch and part not—who has lost a sister too, a connection that follows them to Meera’s enrollment years later in a college Redress Program. There she is recruited by Regulars for a starring role in a notorious reading series and is soon the darling of the lit set, finally whole, finally free of the idea that she should have died so Kai could have lived. Maybe Meera can be re-made after all, her life redressed. But the Regulars are not all they seem and there is a price to pay for belonging to something that you don’t understand. Time is closing in on all Meera holds dear—she stands afraid, not just for but of herself, on the bridge between worlds—fearful of what waits on the other side and of the cost of knowing what she truly is.

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