Kathe Koja’s Dark Factory is a Litreactor Staff Pick for 2022

Litreactor staff always put together one of the best “best of” lists around and we were thrilled to see DARK FACTORY on this year’s list!

I have so much to say about this book—by far my favorite of the year—that rather than review it, I had to interview her live and share that brain-meld with the world. (You can watch that here.) But suffice it to say the sheer brilliance of this interactive novel—ostensibly about the club scene, but really about the quest for replicable orgasmic communal transcendence—overflows off its pages and all over your soul, via prose so jacked-up you’d think someone dosed Cormac McCarthy with ecstasy (both the drug and the experience). In its knowingness, its rigor, its sheer velocity, its depth of perception and implacable search for genuine meaning in this world and beyond, Dark Factory isn’t a book. It’s an explosion. And Kathe Koja isn’t a writer. She’s a revolution.

-John Skipp

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