J. Ashley-Smith’s Ariadne, I Love You Reviewed by Aurealis Magazine

Aurealis Magazine weighed in on ARIADNE, I LOVE YOU by J. Ashley-Smith, and we loved what they had to say:

Poetic and ghoulish with its kiss that is a dirge, Ariadne, I Love You is sensual and
deadly, enticingly sinister in an ode only J Ashley-Smith can lyric.

Ariadne, I Love You

Ariadne, I Love You

Jude is dragged out of Alt-Country obscurity, out of the dismal loop of booze and sadness baths and the boundless, insatiable loneliness, to scrub up and fly to Australia for a last, desperate comeback tour. Hardly worth getting out of bed for—and he wouldn’t, if it weren’t for Coreen.

But Coreen is dead. And, worse than that, she’s married. Jude’s swan-song tour becomes instead a terminal descent, into the sordid past, into the meaning hidden in forgotten songs, into Coreen’s madness diary, there to waken something far worse than her ghost.

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