Coming 2024, Twice-spent Comet, A Novella by Ziggy Schutz

We’re excited to announce we’ll be publishing Ziggy Schutz’s novella, TWICE-SPENT COMET in 2024! You may remember Ziggy’s poignant story, Eggshells, from our anthology BEHIND THE MASK. Similarly, Twice-Spent Comet pulls on the heartstrings in the best of ways and we think you are going to love it as much as we do.


The fall from hopeful revolutionary to prison laborer is a hard one. Fer’s world has shrunk from the whole damn universe to this anonymous asteroid and the four other convicts who share it with them. It’s a fitting end, for someone who used to wish on stars but now can only seem to collect endings.

But magic and falling stars have ways of finding those who need them, and when Fer takes a chance and looks up, there’s a mermaid staring back at them, silhouetted by stars.

twice-spent comet is a fairy tale for forgotten places and the people whose stories are stuck waiting for the next sentence.


Ziggy Schutz (she/him/he/her) is a queer, disabled, proud previvor mess who is at all times looking for ways to make his favourite fairytales and horror stories reflect people who look a little more like her.

Ziggy is the writer and creator of Crossing Wires, a hopeful post-apocalyptic podcast, as well as having over 25 short stories and such published. twice-spent comet is his first published longer work.

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