Booklist Reviews Jeremy C. Shipp’s The Merry Dredgers

Booklist’s Becky Spratford weighs in on Jeremy C. Shipp’s The Merry Dredgers calling it a “thought-provoking read … for fans of horror featuring cults, such as Just Like a Mother (2022), by Anne Heltzel, or amusement parks, like Hide (2022), by Kiersten White.”

The Merry Dredgers

The Merry Dredgers

Seraphina Ramon will stop at nothing to find out the truth about why her sister Eff is in a coma after a very suspicious "accident." Even if it means infiltrating the last place Seraphina knows Eff was alive: a once-abandoned amusement park now populated by a community of cultists.
        Follow Seraphina through the mouth of the Goblin: To the right, a wolf-themed roller coaster rests on the blackened earth, curled up like a dead snake. To the left, an animatronic Humpty Dumpty falls off a concrete castle and shatters on the ground, only to reform itself moments later. Up ahead, cultists giggle as they meditate in a hall of mirrors. This is the last place in the world Seraphina wants to be, but the best way to investigate this bizarre cult, is to join them.
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