Aurealis Magazine Reviews Calvaria Fell by Cat Sparks and Kaaron Warren

We were blown away by this Aurealis review of CALVARIA FELL by Reviewer Clare Rhoden. Here is a sample and the full review coming soon at Aurealis Magazine.

Every story collection holds promise of enchantments, and Calvaria Fell is no exception. With thirteen tales from renowned Australian authors Cat Sparks and Kaaron Warren, this weird fiction will glue you to the page. … the starkness threats of the future transmute through the lens of potential, courage and invention. A richly rewarding, unique blend of writerly duet.


Calvaria Fell: Stories

Calvaria Fell: Stories

Calvaria Fell is a stunning collaborative collection of weird tales from two acclaimed authors, Kaaron Warren and Cat Sparks. It features previously published stories from both authors, along with a new novella by Kaaron Warren and four new stories by Cat Sparks. The collection offers a glimpse into a chilling future world that is similar to our own. Readers will be drawn into experiences at once familiar and bizarre, where our choices have far-reaching consequences and the environment is a force to be reckoned with. The title of the collection tethers these stories to a shared space. The calvaria is the top part of the skull, comprising five plates that fuse together in the first few years of life. Story collections work like this; disparate parts melding together to make a robust and sturdy whole. The calvaria tree, also known as the dodo tree, adapted to being eaten by the now-extinct dodo bird; its seeds need to pass through the bird’ s digestive tract in order to germinate. In a similar way, the stories in Calvaria Fell reflect the idea of adaptation and the consequences of our actions in a changing world.

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