Aurealis Magazine Reviews The attic Tragedy by J. Ashley-Smith

The Attic Tragedy by J. Ashley-Smith was reviewed in Aurealis Magazine. We loved the review and encourage you to get a copy of the magazine and preorder the book.

“A gorgeous, melancholy coming-of-age novella about girlhood and ghosts … Ashley-Smith expertly tinges his contemporary setting with Gothicism, nostalgia, and creeping dread. This eerie, ethereal tale marks Ashley-Smith as a writer to watch.”

Damien Lawardorn, Aurealis Magazine, #130
The Attic Tragedy

The Attic Tragedy

Sylvie never called them ghosts, but that’s what they were—not that George ever saw them herself. The new girl, Sylvie, is like a creature from another time, with her old-fashioned leather satchel, her white cotton gloves and her head in the clouds. George watches her drift around the edge of the school playing fields, guided by inaudible voices.

When George stands up for Sylvie, beating back Tommy Payne and his gang of thugs, it brings her close to the ethereal stranger; though not as close as George would have liked. In the attic of Sylvie’s father’s antique shop, George’s scars will sing and her longing will drive them both toward a tragedy as veiled and inevitable as Sylvie’s whispering ghosts.

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