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We have launched our crowdfunding campaign for Behind the Mask: A Superhero Anthology. Our goal is to increase the per word minimum from .02 per word to .08 per word, and cover some of the production costs involved in producing the book. The release date is May 2017, and this is set regardless of the outcome of the campaign. We are super stoked that Seanan McGuire has signed up to write a story for the anthology. (We are huge fans . . .) And we’ll be announcing the remaining selections late October and early November.


We’ve received well over 500 stories, and there are some amazing submissions. With two days left before the deadline, we’ll be busy reading and sorting and rereading and discussing and, as difficult as it will be, making final selections for the book.

So while we’re doing that, we hope you take a moment to visit our campaign, check out the silly video (but make no mistake, this is not a silly anthology), the cool perks, and make a donation. If you don’t have funds right now, no problem, just spreading the word is appreciated! In fact, you can share to social media directly from the campaign page.

From the staff at Meerkat Press, we thank you for your amazing support!