Rebecca Gomez Farrell’s Wings Unfurled coming 2022

We are super excited to announce that we’ll be publishing Rebecca Gomez Farrell’s epic fantasy, WINGS UNFURLED in 2022. This is a continuation of Serra, Janto, & Vesperi’s story, which was introduced in WINGS UNSEEN in 2017. We can’t wait to get this engaging and action-filled adventure out in print!

In the meantime, if you haven’t read book 1, we hope you check it out!

About the Author

Rebecca Gomez Farrell refuses to say “Bloody Mary” three times into a mirror, but she writes stories about the people who do. Meerkat Press released her first novel, the epic fantasy Wings Unseen. Her speculative fiction has been published over two dozen times, including in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, A Quiet Afternoon 1 (and 2, forthcoming), and the Best Indie Speculative Fiction of 2019. She co-organizes the East Bay Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup group and local chapters of the national Women Who Submit Lit organization and the Speculative Literature Foundation. Plus, she waxes poetic about good eats and drinks at her blog, Fiction Website: Social Media: @thegourmez.

Wings Unseen

Wings Unseen

The Meduan and Lanserim ways of life are as compatible as oil and water. But when a menacing threat descends upon both countries, devouring all living things in its wake and leaving only husks of skin behind, Lansera's young Prince Janto and his fiancée, Serra, must learn to work together with the bedeviling Vesperi, an unpredictable Meduan who may possess the only weapon that can save them—the Silver Flame.

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