Monsters and Other Tales of Humanity by Carla Dash Coming 2025

Meerkat Press will be publishing Carla Dash’s debut collection: MONSTERS AND OTHER TALES OF HUMANITY in 2025. We fell in love with Carla’s writing when we included her story in our very first anthology, LOVE HURTS, so imagine our excitement now that we will have an entire collection to share with you! We think you are going to love it as much as we do.

About the Collection

Revealing both how terrifying and how heroic individuals can be when untethered from relationships, Monsters and Other Tales of Humanity portrays the ways people cope with loneliness. A woman is haunted by Death, who progressively resembles her drowned fiancé. A child seeks beauty in a handsome stranger’s greenhouse and holds out hope for a savior. A woman’s husband is murdered by police, and her monstrous children enact a bloody revenge. A negligent mail carrier believes stars are disappearing from the sky, heralding the annihilation of the universe. A video game character’s dissonance with the actions he must perform precipitates a choice that could destroy his world. Speculative and lyrical, these stories explore the human need for connection and how the lack of ties warps lives.

About the Author

Carla E. Dash lives in Braintree, MA with her husband, children, and cats. She teaches middle schoolers, procrastinates via video games and anime, and occasionally buckles down and writes.

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