Love Hurts Update

We are excited to announce that the Love Hurts line-up has been finalized! The book will include twenty-six brilliant speculative fiction stories about the pain that so often accompanies love. Sometimes funny, occasionally happy, frequently gut-wrenching–these stories will take your heart on a wild emotional ride.

With several of our hand-picked all-time favorites and over 500 new stories submitted, narrowing the field down to twenty-six was difficult. Unfortunately, some fantastic work didn’t make the cut. We appreciate all of the wonderful authors who submitted!

So now, while we are busy editing and working on the book design, our amazing artist, Sergio Garzon is putting the finishing touches on ten illustrations and working on the cover art. We can’t wait to see the book come together.

Congratulations to the final list of authors for Love Hurts!

A. Merc Rustad
Steve Simpson
J. D. Brink
Matt Leivers
Michael Milne
Holly Phillips
Michal Wojcik
Carla Dash
Hugh Howey
Terry Durbin
Michelle Ann King
Kyle Richardson
Mel Paisley
Leah Brown
Jeff VanderMeer
G. Scott Huggins
Aliette de Bodard
Dan Micklethwaite
Victoria Zelvin
Shannon Phillips
Charlie Jane Anders
Keith Frady
Jody Sollazzo
David Stevens
Morgen Knight
Karin Tidbeck





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