Kathe Koja’s Dark Factory Cover Reveal and Preorder Pkg

audio coproduced by Josh Malerman and Chad Stocker

We are pleased to present the cover for Kathe Koja’s DARK FACTORY. Preorders are now open!

Dark Factory is a dance club: three floors of DJs, drinks, dancing, and state of the art customizable reality, anything and everything you see and hear and feel. Ari Regon is the club’s wild card floor manager, Max Caspar is a stubborn DIY artist—they’re both chasing the ultimate experience, a vision of true reality. And journalist Marfa Carpenter is there to write it all down.

Dark Factory is Kathe Koja’s new novel from Meerkat Press, combining Kathe’s award-winning writing and her experience creating live events, for a new immersive experience online and on the page.

The club is open. Come join us on the dance floor! 


Dark Factory by Kathe Koja Print Preorder

Print Preorder package includes:

~ Dark Factory Paperback [US] signed | [International] signed book plate [Shipped May 10, 2022]

~ Physical Swag: VIP Badge | Ari Regon Temp Tattoo | Coaster | Vinyl Sticker

~ Digital Swag: Previously Unpublished Kathe Koja Story | Horned Mask Template | Paper Doll | Poster

~ We’ll light a candle in the Dark Factory Candle Room in your name! [The candle room will be launched at DarkFactory.club by May 2022.

Dark Factory is Kathe Koja’s wholly original new novel from Meerkat Press, that combines her award-winning writing and her skill directing immersive events, to create a story that unfolds on the page, online, and in the reader’s creative mind.

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