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Wings Unseen

Wings Unseen

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The Meduan and Lanserim ways of life are as compatible as oil and water. But when a menacing threat descends upon both countries, devouring all living things in its wake and leaving only husks of skin behind, Lansera's young Prince Janto and his fiancée, Serra, must learn to work together with the bedeviling Vesperi, an unpredictable Meduan who may possess the only weapon that can save them—the Silver Flame.

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Readers of all ages will enjoy Wings Unseen, Rebecca Gomez Farrell’s first full-length novel. It is a fully-imagined epic fantasy with an unforgettable cast of characters.


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  • Elizabeth Konkel, Seattle Book Reviews (4/5 stars) – “Rebecca Gomez Farrell weaves together a brilliant fantasy adventure about love, power, and destiny.” – Full Review
  • Kirkus Reviews – “War, treachery, and star-crossed lovers abound in this high fantasy novel. . . . Farrell’s book is imaginative, filled with detailed worldbuilding, but rarely bogged down in exposition. Each of the protagonists’ stories is engaging in its own way.” – Full Review
  • Paperback Paris – “12 New Fantasy and Science Fiction Books to Pick Up This Month” – Full Article
  • Book Allure (4/5 stars) – “I enjoyed the writing of Farrell. . . . Each action was written to such precision that it felt like a well-directed movie in my head, leaving little for me to fill in. And that’s great! For a high fantasy book, the author’s ability to describe is essential and Farrell excelled at it.” – Full Review 
  • JD Dehart Reading & Literature Resources – “I would place this book on the shelf next to Anne Aguirre, Veronica Roth, Christopher Paolini, and Ally Condie.  Being a former middle grades English teacher, Wings Unseen would have been on my recommendation list and if any of those former students come knocking, I would not hesitate to tell them about Wings Unseen.” – Full Review
  • Bookwitty – “Wings Unseen by Rebecca Gomez Farrell is a complex book that clearly owes a debt towards A Song of Ice and Fire in its multi-POV structure. … A lot of adult fantasy books are a slow burn, particularly in the romantic arcs, but YA and this book specifically, counter that by laying out the emotional elements in a very forthright manner.” – Full Review
  • Pulp Literature – “A New Fantasy Novel from Rebecca Gomez Farrell” – Full Article

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Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, New Adult, Young Adult
Tags: allbooks, available, Backlist, Meerkat Press, monsterfest
ASIN: 1946154008
ISBN: 9781946154002
"Wings Unseen is an enthralling female-driven fantasy debut. The world, magic system, and terrific characters – with two complex, multi-layered heroines along with the male protagonist – drew me in and kept me rapt. The romantic set-up goes sideways in a delightful way, satisfying me entirely. The characters truly grow and change over the course of their epic quest, including a heroine who begins in a dark place and rises above it. An initially unlikable heroine, Vesperi is deftly handled and won a place as my favorite character. Compelling, entertaining, and enlightening, Wings Unseen is a fantastic read!"
– Jeffe Kennedy, award-winning author of The Twelve Kingdoms series
"With a talon-like hook, Wings Unseen will grab you and not let you go."
– Mur Lafferty, award-winning author of The Shambling Guide to New York City
"Wings Unseen marries intrigue, unique worldbuilding, and political machination in a fast-paced story that will surely appeal to high fantasy and historical fantasy readers."
– Jaym Gates, author of Shattered Queen
"Wings Unseen is the fantasy I've been waiting to read for a long time. Vibrant, intense, but underscored by a weight that makes the characters jump out at you, this is not a book you will put down."
– Jay Requard, Author of The Saga of The Panther and War Pigs
"An intricately woven coming-of-age tale full of magic and intrigue. Wings Unseen presents a vivid world populated with a wonderful collection of characters to love and despise."
– Dominica Phetteplace, award-winning author of "Gin Is Stronger Than Witchcraft," "Project Entropy" and others
"An absorbing, original epic fantasy that's impossible to put down."
– Richard Dansky, author of Shadows In Green and Firefly Rain
"An expansive, immersive world populated by compelling characters."
– James Maxey, author of the Bitterwood Saga and the Dragon Apocalypse Saga
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About the Author
Rebecca Gomez Farrell

Rebecca Gomez Farrell refuses to say "Bloody Mary" three times into a mirror, but she writes stories about the people who do. Meerkat Press released her first novel, the epic fantasy Wings Unseen. Her speculative fiction has been published over two dozen times, including in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, A Quiet Afternoon 1 (and 2, forthcoming), and the Best Indie Speculative Fiction of 2019. She co-organizes the East Bay Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Meetup group and local chapters of the national Women Who Submit Lit organization and the Speculative Literature Foundation. Plus, she waxes poetic about good eats and drinks at her blog, Fiction Website: Social Media: @thegourmez.


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