Note, as of 10/6/18, we are temporarily closed for submissions while we catch up our queue! If you submitted prior to 6/1/18, you should have received a response from us already. If you haven’t, please check back with us. If you submitted between 6/1/18 & 10/5/18, please be patient as we have not yet looked at your submission yet.

We are looking for original stories that make our brains engage, our breaths catch and our hearts thud. We want stories that keep us up all night reading and leave us begging for a sequel.

If you have a completed work that fits that description in one of the categories below, we hope you will submit it for consideration.

Novel-length (40K – 100K) manuscripts:

  • What we are looking for:
    • Ages: Adult, New Adult & YA.
    • Genres: Literary, Speculative Fiction [all sub-genres and especially if those genre lines are crossed in unique ways], Romance [but not of the formulaic or historical variety], Mystery/Thriller, Coming of Age.
  • Submission Guidelines:
    • Include a cover email containing genre, word count, pitch, brief bio, and contact information.
    • Please confirm that you have a complete manuscript.
    • Please confirm that your story has not been published before (self-published is considered previously published).
    • A full synopsis (up to 3 pages)
    • Your completed novel manuscript.
    • Use Proper Novel Manuscript Format (Meerkat exceptions: Times New Roman preferred, one space after period, italics are okay, em dashes are okay)
    • We accept .doc, .docx (preferred), .txt, and .rtf files
    • Send to with subject line: Novel – Genre – Title – Author
    • Simultaneous submissions are okay, but PLEASE notify us immediately if your work is no longer available.
  • Payment: We make royalty-based payments for novels, and in some cases, an advance against royalties.
  • General: Royalties, marketing plan and budget, editorial process, and expectations will be thoroughly discussed prior to signing. We only publish books we love, so if accepted, you’ll have a publisher/champion/partner working with you every step of the way!

We try to be as quick as we can with our responses, but we also want to be thorough. If you haven’t heard back from us in 120 days, please contact us at with a subject line of: Query – Novel – Genre – Title – Author.

Thank you for your interest.