We are excited to announce that galley copies of My Cruel Invention are now available. So if you are a reviewer or blogger and would like to review our poetry collection, please contact us at info@meerkatpress.com to request a copy. Publication date is December 1st, 2015. This book would make a superb gift. *hint hint*

Authors & poems in the collection:

Alex Dreppec Dance with Rocket Shoes
Alex Dreppec Pacemaker
Brett Foster To 5-FU
Clare Louise Harmon On Violin Pedagogy
Daniel Hales How Yard Games Are Invented
David Mook Cruel and Unusual?
Donald Illich Invention of the Trees
Dorene O’Brien Dr. Frankenstein’s Lament
F. J. Bergmann The Heaven of the Inventors
F. J. Bergmann Instant
FJP Langheim 2096
Gwen Hart The Happy Marriage Machine
H.M. Jones Frankensteining
Holly Karapetkova Gagging Iron
Holly Karapetkova Saw Gin
J.G. McClure A Fable (from the Journal of Chemical Ecology)
Janet McNally This is Just an Experiment
Janet McNally Direct Current
Jean Bonin Inventing the Clock
Jerry Bradley Pity Poor Mercalli
Jesseca Cornelson Infinitely Scalable Model of One Theory of Efficiency
Jessica Goodfellow The Invention of the Clock Face
Jessica Goodfellow LaGrange’s Problem
Jo Angela Edwins The Inventors of Pantyhose
Joel Allegretti Prepared Piano
Julie E. Bloemeke Pinned
Karen Bovenmyer Little Bone Robot Boy
Karen Bovenmyer Cadaver Feet
Karen Skolfield The Rube Goldberg Contraption for Kissing
Karen Skolfield Musical Instrument Adapted to Emit a Controlled Flame
Karen Skolfield Apparatus for Facilitating the Birth of a Child by Centrifugal Force
Kathryn Rickel Jekyll’s Apology
Keith Stevenson Physics Haiku
Kelly Cherry An Idle Moment Some Days before the Trinity Test
Kelly Cherry Nights in Secret City
Kim Roberts IUDs
Kirsten Imani Kasai reanimator
Kristine Ong Muslim After the flood
Laura Shovan Eyes in the Back of My Head
Magus Magnus La Folie
Malka Older Reverse Engineering
Marcela Sulak Catherine de Medici and the High Hell
Marjorie Maddox Sixteen-Inch Black-and-White
Marjorie Maddox H. G. Who?
Marjorie Maddox Invention
Mia Leonin Before Eve was a Palindrome
Nolan Liebert I Am A Geothermal Heat-Pump
Norbert Gora He lit up the World
Rie Sheridan Rose Clockwork Galatea
Rikki Santer Codifier
Robert Kenny The Uninventor
Sarah Key Phrenology Reader for a French Chef in Barcelona
Scott Beal Caveat Hat
Shelley Puhak Two Sonnets for Torricelli, Inventor of the Barometer
Steven Wingate Octet for My Unnamed Killer Apps
Susan Bucci Mockler Aunt Pearl’s Confessione
Tanis MacDonald Edison’s Elephant, 1903
Tanya Bryan 3D-Printed Skin
Tricia Asklar Ball Color Changer
W. Luther Jett Archimedes’ Lever
William Minor Cras! Cras!
William Winfield Wright That Day We Both Invented Calculus