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Retrograde Cover Revealed!

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Cover revealed: Kat Hausler’s, Retrograde. With stunning art by Laurel Hausler, we think it’s a winner 🙂

About Retrograde: On a warm summer day in Berlin, Helena Schmidt is hit by a truck while crossing the street. She awakens to the loving face of her husband, Joachim. In addition to a few broken bones, she realizes she can’t remember anything about the accident or even the last few years leading up to it. Retrograde amnesia the doctors call it and assure her that with time, she should regain her memory. At loose ends after another botched relationship, Joachim Schmidt doesn’t intend to lie to his estranged wife, Helena. But when he realizes that she doesn’t remember their separation, he can’t bring himself to tell her. So he does what any rational man would do: he takes her home and pretends they were never apart. As the lies accumulate, Helena senses something isn’t quite right—that her husband is hiding something. When the outside world encroaches, Helena must face an unsettling truth and decide what the past will mean for their future.

About Kat Hausler: Originally from Virginia, Kat Hausler is a graduate of New York University and holds an M.F.A. in Fiction from Fairleigh Dickinson University, where she was the recipient of a Baumeister Fellowship. Her work has been published by 34th Parallel, Inkspill Magazine, All Things That Matter Press, Rozlyn Press, and BlazeVOX. Her novel Retrograde, which will be published by Meerkat Press in September 2017, was long-listed for the Mslexia Novel Competition. She works as a translator in Berlin.


The Mercy of the Tide Release Day!

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Stoked. Ecstatic. Delighted. Excited. Thrilled. Those are just a few words to describe how HAPPY we are that The Mercy of the Tide release day is finally here! Keith Rosson’s debut novel has been getting wonderful feedback from the press and consumers alike. We hope that you stop by your local bookstore or library and pick up a copy soon, or use the link below to buy now. We’ll be in Portland, Oregon on Saturday 2/25/17 for a book launch at Mother Foucault’s, where we’ll be giving away t-shirts and one signed masterpiece (our words) by the artist/author that just begs to be framed. Since unveiling the complete “masterpiece” would be a huge spoiler, we’ll just give you a peek for now.



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The Mercy of the Tide Sweepstakes!

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Week 1 Winner Announced – Kat Kunz
Week 2 Winner Announced – Shawn Porter
Week 3 Winner Announced – Erin Casey
Week 4 Winner Announced – Peter Shepherd

Congratulations to our winners!

Week 1 we’ll be giving away a first edition of The Mercy of the Tide, signed by the author. Weeks 2 thru 4, we’ll be giving away 3 gorgeous original illustrations of scenes from the book, signed by Author and artist, Keith Rosson. The two smaller illustrations are shown in the Sweepstakes banner, and the third more detailed larger illustration of Sheriff Dobbs is shown above left! Next drawing 2/6!

  • 1/30/17 – Paperback signed by the Author – KAT KUNZ
  • 2/6/17 – Small illustration (Trina & Sam) signed by the Artist – SHAWN PORTER
  • 2/13/17 – Small illustration (Deputy Hayslip) signed by the Artist – ERIN CASEY
  • 2/20/17 – Large illustration (Sheriff Dobbs) signed by the Artist – PETER SHEPHERD

Learn more about The Mercy of the Tide.